Terms & Conditions

Account Terms

BuyVIRT is solely the Internet service provider, operating in good faith, under safe harbor provisions. By ordering services of BuyVIRT, all its clients and partners acknowledge that they have read, understood and accept set forth herein User Agreement, and that under no circumstances, will they hold BuyVIRT and it’s employees, liable for, or present as being associated with, the content, broadcasted using services of BuyVIRT and it’s upstream providers.

Service Payments

You agree to pay for the services you purchase from BuyVIRT. All invoices are generated 14 days before the payment is due. Failure to make the payment in time will result in suspension and finally termination of your service. Late payments are subjected to 20$ late fee. We reserve the right to terminate your service at any point after the invoice is overdue and we will not be responsible for any data loss due to termination.

Payment Methods

BuyVIRT currently accepts payments via PayPal, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney. If any dispute is raised via the payment processor, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate all of your services with us.

Cancellation and Refunds

BuyVIRT offers seven-day money back guarantee on it’s VPS services. However, refunds are not provided on licenses, domains, certificates and when there is a violation of our terms of service.

If the client creates a subscription to pay for their service(s), the client is responsible for canceling that subscription when they no longer want to hold the service with us. Refund will not be provided if a subscription is not canceled. Also, credit in the account is not refundable.

Acceptable Use

You agree not to run/host the following content on our services:

  • DoS/DDoS Scripts
  • Phishing
  • Child Porn
  • IRC Bots
  • Hacking Activities
  • Malware
  • IP/Port Scanners
  • Pulic Rapidleech
  • Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts
  • or other resource abusive scripts/applications

Resource Abuse

BuyVIRT would not tolerate abuse of resources such as CPU, I/O, network or in any other manner of any of its services. If we notice abuse of resources, we reserve the right to suspend your service with or without prior notice.

Spam and Unsolicited Commercial E-MAIL:

BuyVIRT strictly upholds a zero-tolerance policy regarding unsolicited e-mail and spam sent over our network. Members are politely reminded to refrain from such practices as it will lead to immediate account termination without further reprieve. Members will be held responsible for any and all violations that may compromise server security. This includes hosting or permitting others to host scripts or software over our network that is otherwise recognized as spam.

Responsibility to Maintain and Provide Backup Data:

In no case shall BuyVIRT be liable to the Subscriber or any third party for any loss of data resulting from its performance under this Agreement. It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to maintain current backup data in case of a loss, system or network failure, or negligence by either party. BuyVIRT shall not be liable to the Subscriber or any third party for losses or damages resulting from attempts made in good faith to restore service to damaged or corrupted media on behalf of the Subscriber. BuyVIRT shall not be required to assist the Subscriber or any third party with data recovery or provisioning of backup data in the event that this Agreement is canceled or terminated.

Consequences of Violation of Terms Of Services

BuyVirt may charge it’s clients for User Agreement breach recovery, to offset the cost of equipment and material needed to (a) investigate or otherwise respond to any suspected violation of User Agreement, (b) remedy any harm caused to BuyVIRT or any of its customers and its partners by the violation of User Agreement, (c) respond to complaints, (d) respond to subpoenas and other legally authorized third party requests for information, when required by law, and (e) have BuyVIRT and it’s upstream providers Internet Protocol (IP) numbers removed from any abuse databases. NO CREDIT OR REFUND will be granted for interruptions of service, due to User Agreement violations.


You acknowledge and agree that BuyVIRT exercises no control and accepts no responsibility for the content passing through its host computers and it’s the network. Neither BuyVIRT, it’s employees, agents, suppliers, merchants, licensors would make a warranty of any kind such that the services of BuyVIRT would not be interrupted or would be error free.

BuyVIRT reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate any service with or without a refund, notice or warning

Changes in ToS

BuyVIRT reserves the right to change their terms of service anytime without any prior notice.